Meet the hjc Team: Emma Cosgrove, Operations Manager

Hjc has some of the smartest experts in the non profit world, so what better way to meet them then through our blog! This week, the Wonder Woman of the office, our Operations Manager – Emma Cosgrove

What makes hjc unique as an agency?:
hjc is the only agency that focuses solely on non profits and has the expertise in a fully integrated approach to fundraising and communications. We think big picture but can also tactically execute with our in house creative team.

What’s your role at the agency?
I am the Operations Manager and Senior Consultant at hjc – I make sure our company runs smoothly so we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients. While my main role is to oversee the team here, I also oversee projects we are working on and help out the team when needed.

What 3 quick tips would you offer to non-profit/charity clients:
1) Don’t be scared to change
2) Talk to your supporters!
3) Think about collecting emails at every touch point – you can’t talk to your supporters if you have no way to reach them.
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Gen-Z: Are you prepared??

For most organizations, having just acquired the tools and tips to tackle Gen-Y, you will then be anxious to know that Gen-Z is hot on their heels! Gen Z is already emerging to be a socially conscious and ethical band of individuals.

Defined as 12-19 years olds, Gen-Z is a group of progressive digital natives who use technology more than any previous group. More importantly, they believe in social as a real driving force for change.

With twenty percent of children and teens say they want to start a charity in their lifetimes, the younger demographic is ripe with opportunity. (Source: Deep Focus) Nearly 70% of people under 20 have volunteered, with nearly half volunteering at least once a month. According to the latest Winter/Spring 2015 Cassandra Report: a survey of more than 900 kids ages 7 to 17 conducted by Deep Focus more than a third of those surveyed had donated their own money to a cause, while more than one in four had helped raise money.
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Unlocking Peer-to-Peer Success this Summer

So you’re planning a peer-to-peer event and want to ensure you hit your fundraising goals? Look no further!

Peer-to-peer season has started, and you want to make sure this year stands out from the rest! Whether this is your first event or your fifteenth, these tried and true tips will guide you on a path to fundraising success.
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You’ve nailed responsive design, now what?

A few years ago, it seemed everyone was asking us about mobile and responsive design. Now responsive design is integrated in each digital project. It has become the standard.

The natural evolution for many organizations is to then focus on analytics. Gone are the days when we could just create a pretty website and wait for donations to come in. We need to leverage analytics to continually tweak and update websites to ensure that they’re meeting communication and organizational goals. Read More →

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12 Rules of Non-Profit (Video) Storytelling

There is no doubt that video storytelling is the most powerful tool to get up close and personal with your supporters.

You can communicate your mission and mandate by telling a story of someone (or animal) that benefits from your organizations. That testament is an effective moment to ask for a donation, whether it’s from a celebrity or from the subject themselves.

See examples of our successful storytelling.
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